May 24, 2024

With a virtual trade show, you can promote your products or services to a global audience without a physical presence. There are several ways to create a virtual show, including setting up a searchable directory and uploading your booth or gallery. These options are helpful for both attendees and exhibitors. To maximize your exposure, you can also add advanced filters to narrow down your target audience by industry, decision-making power, and job title.

You can also make your virtual trade show stand out by featuring live demonstrations of your products. This is especially effective if you want to engage with your audience. Unlike a traditional trade show, you can interact with your viewers, making the experience more immersive. Alternatively, you can pre-record the demo and open it up for questions.

With a virtual trade show, you can also create a personalized community of attendees by incorporating deep links to your sponsors’ pages. You can even host networking areas where attendees can interact with each other. These features can help you build a strong community that lasts throughout the year. However, remember to obtain permission before uploading the content you produce.

Before hosting a virtual trade show, you should make a pre-event survey to learn what the attendees want. This will help you plan for the virtual trade show and create a buzz. Then, you can introduce speakers and get attendees excited about the topics. In addition, if you have priority sponsors, you can give them access to the event early. This gives them the opportunity to network with attendees and increase their ROI.

Social walls are also a great way to interact with attendees. You can include them on your booth’s info display, your booth desk, and the registration desk. They are the perfect way to attract attendees and provoke their interest in your brand. In addition, you can create a social wall using a chat platform.

The 6Connex virtual event platform allows you to set up information and resources for attendees to share in your booth. You can also include pre-recorded video product demos. You can even allow attendees to message each other in real time. This platform does not permit meeting rooms, but does allow you to engage with people from all over the world.

Virtual trade shows allow you to showcase your products and services to a global audience. These platforms are easy to use and accessible from any device. They allow you to interact with people and strike up profitable relationships. Virtual trade shows are an ideal way for large and small businesses to expand their reach. You can even share contact information and arrange private meetings with other attendees in this digital space.

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