July 25, 2024

As a business evolves from a passion project to a commercial enterprise, its values and motives change. Some businesses become defensive, as they seek to protect or accumulate wealth, while others adopt an offensive posture. A business that does not experience this second wave of development may stall or fail, despite its founders’ best intentions.

Today, the concept of global business is relatively new, although globalization has been present in India for a few decades. The country entered the world market in the early 1990s, and its global reach has continued to grow. Global business represents the most advanced stage of modern business. The process of business development began at the local level, and today, it is becoming increasingly global in its scope.

The first stage of business development was characterized by true leadership, while the second stage was characterized by management and organization. In the third stage, humanistic motives are replaced by wealth and profit motives. At this point, Rank comes into play, as the culture begins to shift from unity to individualism. In addition, the operations department becomes more specialized and focuses on individualism, and the business becomes a competitive business athlete.

Global business is the pinnacle of any business enterprise. By global, it refers to business that spans the whole world – both physically and virtual. In this sense, global business is more expansive than international business. However, no business grows to global status overnight. It takes time for a business to evolve from a local enterprise to a regional one.

The first stage of business evolution involves hiring an Oracle (a person with extraordinary technical skills who has the ability to predict the future). This Oracle usually plays a major role during stage one. Despite the Oracle’s limited business acumen, this individual is still critical to the business’ success. He or she will often be the person to bring in a new skill set and help the business become profitable.

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