June 25, 2024

One of the cheapest Businesses to start is event planning, which requires little capital and can be run from home or remotely. Another cheap business to start is photography. This can be started with a cheap camera and grow with time. Even if you’re not good at photography right away, you can learn and perfect your skills over time.

The best way to start a cheap business is to offer a service to people. There are many opportunities available for freelance writers, and a smartphone or internet connection are required. However, becoming a freelance writer takes time and dedication, as well as a certain amount of smartness. It also requires you to network, so get on a blogging forum and join forums aimed at freelance writers. The more you network and build a good reputation as a writer, the more likely people will hire you.

Another way to earn money with low startup capital is to become a graphic designer. There is a huge market for this service and it can be a cheap Business to Start. You can even work from home. There are countless freelance jobs available, so you can use your own creative mind and a bit of technical know-how to make a lot of money.

Another cheap Business to Start is popcorn production. This business is highly profitable, but your location is crucial to your success. Ensure you have a good street with access to electricity. Using charcoal makes it more affordable than the standard electrical popcorn machine, which can cost anywhere from one million to two million Ugx.

Another popular business that requires a low startup cost is social selling. Social selling platforms and online marketplaces are alternatives to brick-and-mortar stores and offer low-cost startups. The only downside to this business is that it is not as easy as setting up a brick-and-mortar store.

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