May 24, 2024

Developing a business with little or no capital is difficult, but it can be done. All you need is some extra time, research, and a good plan. Below are 52 low-cost business ideas that can be launched for as little as $0 to $10,000. You can download the spreadsheet for your convenience.

One of the most affordable business ideas is to be a personal assistant. You can start a personal assistant business for less than $1,000 by obtaining an Etsy account. You can then set up a website and scheduling widget, so that people can schedule an appointment and pay with their credit card on file.

Another low-cost business idea is starting a home cleaning business. Home cleaning businesses are highly competitive, but they can be started with less than $600. In the beginning, you can even do all the cleaning yourself, reducing the startup cost. You can also market yourself by going door-to-door.

Another great idea is developing an app. While this requires time and effort to find promising domains, the money you earn from these sales will eventually pay for your efforts. In fact, a successful app can earn over $700 a day in the Apple app store. If you have a good idea, you can make it into a viable app.

Chatbots are gaining in popularity. They can help with customer service, selling products, and marketing. Many companies could benefit from implementing chatbots. You can also become a chatbot consultant and start a business with a minimum startup cost. If you’re a student, you can begin working for yourself by offering your services at a low cost.

Personal chefs can become a lucrative business by providing meal preparation services. If you’re familiar with nutrition and special diets, you can become a professional in this niche. Although a culinary school degree is not necessary to start your own business, it can boost your credibility. A personal chef can also teach cooking classes, or demonstrate recipes at a local farmers’ market or grocery store. A good personal chef will also have no storefront, and don’t require a commercial kitchen.

Another low-cost business idea involves a mobile repair service. Many people don’t have the time to drive to a car shop and spend their money on a repair. By starting a mobile repair business, you can provide a convenient service to your customers in the comfort of your own home.

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